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Jul 8, 2011

Actress Shoe Sizes

Here is some completely useless, but maybe interesting information about what size shoes some actresses wear.
Tila Tequila- Singer- size 5 1/2
Jennifer Aniston- Actress- size 6
Kathie Lee Gifford- Talk Show Host- size 6
Britney Spears- Singer- size 6 1/2
Shania Twain- Singer- size 6 1/2
Heather Locklear- Actress- size 7
Paula Abdul- American Idol Judge- size 7 1/2
Pamela Anderson- Actress- size 8
Jennifer Lopez- Singer, Actress- size 8 1/2
Julia Roberts- Actress- size 9
Sandra Bullock- Actress- size 9
Cindy Crawford- Model- size 9
Barbra Walters- Talk Show Host- size 9
Jennifer Garner- Actress- size 9 1/2
Anna Kournikova- Tennis Player- size 9 1/2
Tyra Banks- Model, Talk Show Host- size 10
Mariah Carey- Singer- size 10
Angelina Jolie- Actress- size 10
Whoopi Goldberg- Talk Show Host- size 11
Paris Hilton- Heiress- size 11
That's about the size of it. Interesting that Paris Hilton and Whoopi Goldberg wear the same size.

May 19, 2010

How Tall is. . .

Jeff Flanagan challenged me to find the height of an actor, and I got carried away. Although there is some discussion on the web, with varying heights (especially for the shortest actors), and I did a bunch of digging and these are the best estimates I can find. The  heights listed are without shoe lifts, which many of the men wear. 

Michael 'Sylvester' Gardenzio Stallone 5'7, Halle Berry 5'5, Gary Coleman 4'8, Tom Cruise 5'7, Dame Judi Dench 5'1, Nicole Kidman 5'10, Carlos Ray 'Chuck' Norris 5'9 (born 1940), Angelina Jolie 5'7, Dustin Hoffman 5'5, Mel Gibson 5'8, Salma Hayek 5'1, Walter 'Bruce' Willis 5'11, Mike Meyers 5'6, Jack Nicholson 5'9, Regis Philbin 5'4, John Travolta 6'0, Ray Van Damme 5'8, Tina Turner 5'4, Rene Zellweger, 5'4 Jon Stewart 5'7, Dolly Parton 5'0. That is the tall and short of it.