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Mar 10, 2017

Happy National Pi and Potato Chip Day

Not sure how it happened these two are celebrated on the same day, March 14. Especially because Pi is infinite without repetition and eating potato chips is infinite with repetition. Regardless, I bet you cannot eat just 3.14 potato chips, especially if they are Better Made brand.

Mar 13, 2015

National Potato Chip Day

March 14 is also National Potato Chip day in the US. Americans consume 1.2 billion pounds (over 17 billion US dollars) of potato chips each year. It remains the nation’s favorite snack food. A recent survey showed 86% of US and France consume potato crisps/potato chips followed by 84% of Brits and 72% of Egyptians. Bottom of the scale is China with 28% consumption.

Detroit, Michigan leads the way in potato chip consumption; in fact, it is the potato chip consumption capital of the country. Detroiters consume an average of seven pounds of chips per year; the rest of the country about four pounds.

Have some fun, eat more chips and rest assured that all calories have been removed from all potato chips in the world for one day only. I have eaten hundreds of brands of chips from around the world, including the original Saratoga chips, but still prefer Better Made Potato Chips from Detroit Michigan, USA. Celebrity chef Rachael Ray named the Better Made's salt-and-vinegar chips the best in the nation.

Mar 6, 2013

National Potato Chip Day

Next week, March 14 is National Potato Chip day for 2013. Flavors you might enjoy include: a pretty bizarre sampling of crisp flavors. Their latest flavor additions are Lincolnshire sausage and brown sauce, sour cream and spring onion, and Birmingham chicken balti.

The brand of chips, which goes under the name Lay's in the United States, also produces crisp flavors: char-grilled steak, cheeseburger, steak and onion, smoky bacon, roast chicken, prawn cocktail, pickled onion, tomato ketchup, BBQ rib, Worcester sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon, sweet chili chicken, and flame grilled steak. Also, Cajun herb and spice, Chile Limon, chipotle ranch, classic BLT, dill pickle, garden tomato and basil, sweet southern heat barbecue, tangy Carolina, Parmesan and Tuscan herb, southwestern ranch, creamy Mediterranean herb, spice rubbed BBQ, Maui onion, jalapeno, mesquite BBQ, and spicy cayenne and cheese. 

Beer Chips company boasts potato chips made with beer. According to, that same company is responsible for the Chip Shots: Margarita and Salt Potato Chips.

A company named Route 11 in Virginia produces some sea-inspired chips. An account is set up on Amazon where crab and chip lovers can unite and purchase Chesapeake Crab Potato Chips.

My Two Favorite Foods Combined

Two of nature's most perfect foods combined into one. Hard to believe it took this long to come up with this treat for the ages.

Bacon flavored potato chips. It makes for a Happy Friday!