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Jul 2, 2016

Robo Call Blockers

I hate robo calls. A very annoying thing about my phone is that when I block a robo caller, it still lets the caller go to voice mail. So I went looking for a solution. Two apps might help. Truecaller for iPhone and Android, and Nomorobo for VOIP home phones.

Nomoromo blocks known robo and spam callers and you can add your own numbers to block. Truecaller allows saved contacts and blocks spam callers and telemarketers. It also searches for any name or number not in your contacts, so you do not incorrectly block numbers from a school or doctor's office. Bottom line, seems a bit intrusive with checking your contact list, but blocks robos and spammers.

Feb 13, 2015

Phone Spam

Finally a bit of help with the decreasing phone spam. Forward spam texts to 7726. Your carrier will respond and ask you what number it came from.