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Jun 21, 2013

Gorilla Glass

Most of us know that Gorilla Glass is used as part of a touch-screen for hand-held phones and tablet computers. It was chosen because it is lightweight, durable, resistant to scratches, and tends to crack, rather than shatter when stressed, as Annie, a friend of mine recently found out.

Gorilla Glass, which is made by Corning is currently estimated to be in use by over a billion and a half devices and still growing. Corning makes the glass using a propriety chemical process that causes more than the normal number of ions to be introduced into the glass.

Now Corning has a deal with at least one car manufacturer to begin using the glass for windshields, likely as early as next year. The beauty of this glass is that it would cut down on the weight of the vehicle. It would also promote better gas mileage and better noise suppression.

Corning is working on another glass with unique properties, microbiological glass, which can kill bacteria on contact. Another exciting glass it is also working on is called Willow Glass, which is a bendable type of glass that is about as thin as a dollar bill. Bendable screens have been touted for use in foldable tablets for the past few years. Samsung has one in the lab now, but I do not know if the screen is glass or plastic.

Apr 4, 2012

See Through TV Screens

Samsung's new transparent LCD screen, is a breakthrough that could one day make any window into a display or touchscreen. The transparent screen is available to showrooms for display cases, but Samsung has been testing its invention on vending machines.

The clear glass on the machines' windows can advertise a particular product or display nutrition information. It has been a success, with sales in vending machines equipped with the transparent LCDs up 600% over others.

Normal TV screens require back or side lighting to display an image, but Samsung's transparent screen uses ambient light like sunlight or room lighting. That makes the product relatively cheap. New ideas for use might be bathroom mirrors, department store windows, and more.

Jun 2, 2010

Skype TV Telephone

Many of you have heard of Skype, the free phone calling service, but did you know Skype free calling is now available on your TV. Of course you have to hook up a camera and microphone to call from the comfort of your couch. It only works on Samsung and Panasonic for now, but LG has announced plans to have it within months and I am sure more will follow by the end of this year. 
Sounds like fun, use Skype for a free family conference call and it will seem like you are all in one room, with pictures right on your TV, while you are talking. I can see this becoming a holiday and birthday favorite.