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Jul 8, 2011

Actress Shoe Sizes

Here is some completely useless, but maybe interesting information about what size shoes some actresses wear.
Tila Tequila- Singer- size 5 1/2
Jennifer Aniston- Actress- size 6
Kathie Lee Gifford- Talk Show Host- size 6
Britney Spears- Singer- size 6 1/2
Shania Twain- Singer- size 6 1/2
Heather Locklear- Actress- size 7
Paula Abdul- American Idol Judge- size 7 1/2
Pamela Anderson- Actress- size 8
Jennifer Lopez- Singer, Actress- size 8 1/2
Julia Roberts- Actress- size 9
Sandra Bullock- Actress- size 9
Cindy Crawford- Model- size 9
Barbra Walters- Talk Show Host- size 9
Jennifer Garner- Actress- size 9 1/2
Anna Kournikova- Tennis Player- size 9 1/2
Tyra Banks- Model, Talk Show Host- size 10
Mariah Carey- Singer- size 10
Angelina Jolie- Actress- size 10
Whoopi Goldberg- Talk Show Host- size 11
Paris Hilton- Heiress- size 11
That's about the size of it. Interesting that Paris Hilton and Whoopi Goldberg wear the same size.

Jan 14, 2011

Shoe Sizes

Did you ever wonder why some shoes of the same size fit different? A size 10, can be 8, 9, 27, or 42, depending on where you live in the world.

Shoe sizes were devised in England by King Edward II in 1364, who declared that the diameter of one barleycorn, approximately one third of an inch, would represent one shoe size. The measurement is still used today in the UK and US, but some other ways of measuring shoes are used in different parts of the world.

The Paris point equals to ⅔ centimeters (6.6 mm or about 0.26 in). Usually, only full sizes are made, resulting in an increment of ⅔ centimeter. This unit is commonly used in Continental Europe.

Metric measurements in centimeters (cm) or millimeters (mm) are used. The increment is usually between the step size of the Parisian and the English system. It is used with the international Mondopoint system and with the Asian system.

The A-E width indicators used by some US and UK shoe manufacturers and range from narrow to wide - 4A to 6E. Interestingly, the male shoe size in Australia is based on the female shoe size in the US.