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Jan 20, 2017

Lucky Seven

This is the seventh item in today's Friday Thoughts. The number seven is seen as lucky in many cultures. According to, the number gets 735 mentions in the Bible (860 if you count "sevenfold" and "seventh"). According to religious beliefs, it is the number of days it took God to create the universe, the number of miracles Jesus performed on the Sabbath, and the number of trumpets blown before the dead are resurrected in the Book of Revelation. There are also seven angels, seven churches, seven thunders, seven seals, and seven plagues.

Seven is also lucky in Japan, due to seven deities known as the Seven Lucky Gods. In China, seven is a lucky number, because it is pronounced "qi," which is the same as the Chinese words for 'arise' or 'life essence'. The seventh son of the seventh son always seems to get the kingdom.

The 'Seventh Son' is also a well known song (and one of my favorites) LINK for Mose Allison, a legendary blues and jazz pianist, who passed away this past November.