Feb 6, 2015

Dalai Lama

“Man surprised me most about humanity, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health and then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Gotta Go?

There is an app for that. When you really Gotta Go, Flush Toilet Finder is an app for smartphones that helps you find free public restrooms.

The app on Android and iOS is handy if you are in a strange city and you do not know where you can go or if you are shopping, and emergency hits.

Open the app and it searches the area around you. Its database covers over 100,000 public restrooms around the world and the database is constantly expanding. When you find the one you want, you can get directions via Google or Apple Maps. Flush also lists if a restroom has a fee, requires a key, or if it provides disabled access. LINK

Size Matters

The largest oil tanker ships displace about 520,000 tons when fully loaded, which is 10 times the 52,310 tons 883 feet length of the Titanic. The largest ship (and largest oil tanker) ever built was the Seawise Giant, 1,500 feet length and displacement 657,019 tonnes (724,239 tons).

Top Ten Tech Changes

1. Farming is quickly becoming a high-tech job. Farmers are using big-data analytics to better monitor, manage, and understand their outputs.
2. Energy utility companies are slow to adopt new technologies, and they have a set business model used for decades. Renewable energy, however, needs advanced battery technology and new storage and transmission systems, so this has to change. It is starting to with the development of microgrids and other smart grid technologies, which are a major part of the future for utilities. The market for smart grid IT will grow to more than $23 billion by 2023.
3. Electric vehicles are powered by high-tech batteries, but the technology for them is not yet fully developed. Data analysis is big with EVs too, as most cars are equipped with sensors that track the behavior of the driver so that companies can better understand and develop EV technologies.
4. As solar panel prices decrease and more individuals and companies adopt them, the renewable energy industry is finally heading toward the mainstream.
5. There is no industry transforming the future faster than 3D printing, but the technology is also infiltrating many other ones, like healthcare, manufacturing, and aerospace. It means new tech jobs that revolve around understanding, developing, and monitoring the printers and software development and management.
6. The healthcare industry is notorious for developing slowly, but all that is changing with the advent of bioprinting, telemedicine, and big data analytics. There will be IT jobs in hospitals and clinics, software companies, hardware companies, data science companies, and even big tech companies.
7. Technology is changing the way government processes work. Cities like Boston and New York are adding social media directors and Chief Digital Officers to promote campaigns, run social media, and get people to interact more with their government. Organizations revamping government websites to make them more efficient.
8. Technology and computer science education will be increasingly important as the world works to get more children prepare for the future. Nine out of ten schools in the US do not yet  offer computer programming classes.
9. Toys are getting smarter. People are building toys that serve a purpose and incorporate robotics, sensors, and computers.
10. Companies are using sensors and data analytics to identify and monitor leaks and water waste in the home so that people can better conserve the resource and their money.

WiFi Dilemma

Get the WiFi passwords at various places by checking the comments section of their FourSquare accounts. You are welcome.

Wordology, Red Handed

This expression has its origins in Scotland. Given the context it was often used in the earliest references, the phrase 'red hand' or 'redhand' probably came about referring to people caught with blood on their hands. The first known documented instance of “red hand” is in the Scottish Acts of Parliament of James I, written in 1432: "That the offender be taken reid hand, may be persewed, and put to the knawledge of ane Assise, befoir the Barron or Landeslord of the land or ground, quhidder the offender be his tennent, unto quhom the wrang is done or not… And uthers not taken reid hand, to be alwaies persewed…"

The first documented instance of the expression morphing from 'red hand' to 'red handed' was in the early 19th century work Ivanhoe, written by Sir Walter Scott: "I did but tie one fellow, who was taken redhanded and in the fact, to the horns of a wild stag."

It later showed up in 'Guy Livingstone' written by George Alfred Lawrence and published in 1857: "We were collared on the instant. The fact of the property being found in our possession constituted a ‘flagrans delictum’ – we were caught red-handed."

Climate Change

Clothing could reflect 90 percent of body heat by dipping clothes in a solution made of AgNW, also known as silver nanowire. Regular clothing only reflects 20 percent of body heat back at your skin, making nanowire-coated clothing much more energy efficient. The study was conducted by Professor Yi Cui of Stanford University and his team of researchers. Since metal nanowire coating can conduct electricity, all you would need to do is connect a battery to the clothing.

They see metal-coated clothing as a way to combat the rampant energy demands of the winter months. They report that "47 percent of global energy continues to be spent simply on indoor heating." We are told global warming is caused by energy use. Now we find half of that is caused by trying to keep us warm. Hmmm

Snow Driving Tip

Take out your floor mat, tuck it tightly in front of the spinning tires, and slowly drive forward. I used this back when I lived in the snow belt and it works.

Bacon’s Brain Building Business

Bacon is full of a very important nutrient called choline, which helps increase our intelligence and memory and has been shown in University studies to help fight off the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic mental impairments.