Jan 26, 2010


Why is poop brown? I know you have all wondered it, but were afraid to ask. Well, here is the answer. Stools can come in several different colors. Brown happens to be the color of good health. Bile comes from your gall bladder and helps your body digest food. It is metabolized by the bacteria in your large intestine, leaving behind a byproduct called stercobilin, which gives stool a brown pigment.

The color of poop can offer some surprising insights into what's going on within your body. Changes in stool colors are frequently the first sign that something is wrong. There's three main bad colors your poop can be. Red means internal bleeding, or that you have recently eaten beets. Yellow means there is fat in your poop and this is the kind that floats. Usually it means you are eating too much fat and not digesting it. Green means that you probably have a bacterial infection.

 That is enough details for now and aren't you glad I did not include pictures.