Apr 29, 2011

Happy Friday

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

I always dream about living for a Happy Friday!

St. Pauli Girl Beer

Interesting facts for the beer aficionados in the crowd. St. Pauli is the famous red light district of Hamburg, Germany. In 1977, St. Pauli Girl Beer started to choose a spokesmodel to represent the beer brand and appear on the popular St. Pauli Girl poster. 

In 1999, they started using Playboy magazine playmates as the girl (the 2008 St. Pauli Girl is Irina Voronina). Here's the gallery of St. Pauli Girls from 1977 to 2007. There were actually a few that were not blond. Don't worry, it is PG. LINK

Bacon Cologne

Last year I mentioned bacon perfume for the woman who has everything - and sure to help her catch a man. 

Now it is finally here, bacon cologne (pronounced bac own) for men and women. Bacon classic is a blend of spicy maple, with bacon. Bacon gold is spicy citrus with bacon. Wow, what a great idea for those days when you do not have time for breakfast. Just think of it, citrus for her and maple for him or the other way. Anyway, here is the LINK, because you know you want it!  This is sure to be a much wanted stocking stuffer for the holidays. Mmmm.

More Beer News

A British brewery said it has created the world's first beer laced with Viagra in honor of the royal wedding. The Brewdog brewery said the beer, called Royal Virility Performance, contains the same amount of Viagra in three bottles as one erectile dysfunction pill. It said only 40 bottles will initially be sold when it is released today, April 29, the day of the wedding, but will make more if the batch is successful.

It said several bottles of the beer, which bear labels reading "Arise Prince Willy" and "Celebrate Big Willy Style" have been sent to Prince William as gifts for the night of his wedding to Kate Middleton.

Police and Prison Jargon

Clink was the name of a prison which was on Clink Street in London.  That is how we came up with the phrase, 'to be thrown in the clink.'

The police force in London was established by Sir Robert Peel. For a time policemen were called 'Peelers' or 'Bobbies men' and that was shortened to the current term for British police, bobbies.


Maybe the old saying about the rich getting richer is no longer true, at least in the US. Brazil, Russia, India, and China produced 108 of the 214 new billionaires in the recent Forbes list of richest people. These four nations are home to one-in-four members, up from one-in-ten five years ago. Before this year, only the US had ever produced more than 100 billionaires. China now has 115 and Russia 101. The US used to have one in two, now it has one in three billionaires and it is down 56 billionaires from 2008 peak. So sorry, I didn't see your name on the list either.

Apr 26, 2011

Encyclopedia of Life

This site plans to out Google Google. It plans to eventually have a page for every species of life on earth. The site has a very long way to go, but is making an interesting start. If you are interested in the creatures around us, take a look. It has been updated since the last time I mentioned it. LINK

Cheap Wine is Good Wine

A survey was recently taken with 578 drinkers at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The participants sampled a variety of red and white wines in a blind taste test with prices ranging from about $6 to $50. The results concluded that people could only tell the difference between cheap and expensive white wines 53% of the time, and 47% of the time for red wines. 50% average is equal to a guess.

This  backs up a study from a few years ago, which showed that individuals who are unaware of the price do not derive more enjoyment from more expensive wine. That survey of 6,000 blind tastings showed that the correlation between price and overall rating is small and negative, suggesting that individuals on average enjoy more expensive wines slightly less. Bottom line - wine does not have to be expensive to taste good.

What's in a Name

You have all seen those little cardboard thingies that are put around a coffee cup from Starbucks and other coffee places. Did you know there is actually a name for them? They are called zarfs. A zarf was originally a metal chalice keep your hot coffee from burning your fingers. The fancy cup holder has morphed into the modern-day cardboard sleeve that comes wrapped around your hot coffee cup. Next time you are in Starbucks, ask them if the zarf is free. It might be fun to watch the reaction from your barrister...

Cuss to Ease the Pain

No need to feel bad about it, says a 2-year-old study from the journal NeuroReport that's been making the rounds this week. Swearing actually helps reduce the pain you feel.

Researchers from Keele University in Staffordshire, England, asked test subjects to put their hands in icy cold water, and see how long they could stand to keep them immersed. (This is a common practice to test pain, because it leaves no mark and does no physiological harm.)

They then had the study participants either say a swear word or a neutral word. They found that those who invoked foul language were able to withstand the pain better than those who kept it clean.

The researchers think that swearing induces a flight-or-fight response, and thus, "nullifies the link between fear of pain and pain perception."

This doesn't mean you should let loose indiscriminately, though. The effect worked best for people who did not swear often.

Apr 22, 2011

Happy Friday

The spoken word, past life, and neglected opportunity can not be called back.

Speaking in the present, I live for the opportunity to have a Happy Friday!

Fun Uses for Eggs

This is the time of year we all think about eggs, like decorating eggs with and for the children, deviled eggs, Easter egg hunts, and more. Eggs are very versatile and there are a number of uses for eggs that are worth mentioning, such as using eggs for shampoo and face cleaner.

Egg whites can be used in place of white glue for children's projects. Egg whites can be mixed with the other ingredients to make paper mache.

Cascarones, pronounced kas-ka-ron-ez, are a Mexican tradition used for Easter and other celebrations. It is an egg shell filled with confetti used to crack over someone's head and shower them with the confetti inside. Great fun and and always a surprise.

The Japanese are masters at carving intricate designs and pictures in egg shells, while the Ukrains dye elaborate designs using wax and dye.

How about a plant starter. cut the tops off of egg shells and put them back in the carton. Fill with potting soil, add a seed, some water, and you have useful plant starters, complete with tray.

If you have way too much time or way too much money, you can make or buy a Faberge egg.
There are thousands of other uses, but thought i would provide a few, just for fun.
A school in Seattle this year had the political audacity to call Easter eggs, 'spring spheres'. It didn't work, when the person brought in eggs, the children all said, "oh, Easter eggs." Eggzactly!

Talk Like Shakespeare Day

To be or not to be a fun day, that is the question. Have some fun tomorrow because it is William Shakespeare's 447th birthday on April 23, 2011, Talk Like Shakespeare Day is a day on which all citizens are encouraged to express their inner thespian, incorporating Shakespearean lines into everyday conversation. It was started in 2009 in Chicago. Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't. . .  Make someone smile.

Bacon Lovers Food

Easter or not, what goes better with eggs than bacon. You know you like it. In fact, you love it. Here is something called the Bacon Explosion. Only 5,000 calories per log.

It is made of Kansas City style sauce rubbed Italian sausage, smoked slowly over hickory and oak wood and stuffed with bacon, then wrapped in bacon. There are variations, such as Jalapeño or Cheese. All are served on a big hot dog bun. For desert, you can have some chunks of crispy chocolate covered bacon in maple syrup ice cream.  If you don't want to make your own, you can buy online at this LINK. Mmmm!

Google Body

Google Body is a detailed 3D model of the human body. You can peel back anatomical layers, zoom in, click to identify anatomy, or search for muscles, organs, bones and more.    LINK

Airplane Facts

95% of people involved in airplane crashes do survive.
Popular Mechanics reviewed data of every commercial crash between 1971 and 2005 and discovered that those sitting in the tail had a 40% higher chance of survival.
Your blood alcohol level doesn't actually change when in the air. The difference is that you might feel drunker because of lower quantities of oxygen and a pressurized cabin.
Cell phones do not harm instruments, Federal Communications Commission bans them from planes, because when used in the air they can bounce along many towers on the ground and stop other calls from going out. Some airlines in Europe are now allowing the use of cell phones in the cabin.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute concluded that driving is far more dangerous than flying. According to their calculations, driving the equivalent distance of a flight poses a 65 times higher injury risk than flying in a commercial airplane.
There has actually been a 65% jump in the number of birds hitting engines, and it is an immediate and great concern for the Federal Aviation Administration. Engines can only handle birds that are about 4 lbs,

Alamo and Red Baron

This week In 1836, Texas forces under Sam Houston with the battle cry, "Remember the Alamo!" defeated the army of Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at San Jacinto, Texas, opening the path to Texas independence.

This week in 1918, German World War I flying ace, Manfred von Richthofen, known as "The Red Baron," was killed by Allied fire over Vaux-sur-Somme, France.

Historic Panoramas

For the history buffs in the crowd, this site has some great shots of historic sites. LINK  

Sites include things like Daniel Boone's gravesite, Davy Crockett's childhood home, Abraham Lincoln sites, Appomattox, where the end of Civil War papers were signed, etc. Interesting stuff.

Apr 19, 2011


Feels more like Thanksgiving to me than Easter as I look at the numbers. As of a few weeks ago I had over 10,000 site visits to this Shubsthoughts blog, where my Friday Thoughts get posted. In webdom, that is not much, in fact some sites get that many visits a day, and some biggies, per hour.

Next week we pass another record as the total number of posts reaches 1,500. It makes me feel good that some of you think my musings are worth a look. As an aside, it also has been good for sales of my books. Thanks a lot! Hope I can continue to amuse, entertain, or at least provide a break from the daily tedium.

Smart Billboards

Technology can sometimes be too smart. Digital billboards that display different ads depending on who is looking at them came from a movie. Now they are real and might change the game of advertising in a serious way. These billboards are like big targeted ads that we see on the internet when we go to certain sites.

Software combines video analytics with environmental factors and Twitter and Foursquare information to decide the best ad to display at that moment. If a young man is looking at an ad, for instance, the billboard will know to show an aftershave ad instead of a tampon ad. If Twitter or Foursquare data indicate that there’s a sports game going on in the area, it might show a Nike ad instead of a FedEx ad.

Many digital billboards already have web cams that can determine the relative age and gender of people who are looking at them, as well as how long each person stands in front of them or looks directly at them. Advertisers use them to gauge the effectiveness of ads and decide which ads to post in what areas.

The newest technology instantly changes a billboard ad based on the video identification of the person and other environmental information. The software learns what works and improves over time. A store in Boulder ran a test and found target ads resulted in a 60% improvement, as measured by time that people looked at the ads.

You might remember the scene in Minority Report when ads change to target the people who are walking past them. This is almost the same thing. Although these change the ads for you, they do not collect information about you. Of course they could in the future. Might be fun to stand around and watch what billboards think of the people standing in front of them.

Eight Interesting Jobs You Don't think About

Think your job is boring? Here are a few interesting jobs you might consider if you are looking for a career change. These are real jobs, with listings on the internet. I won't give details, because they are mostly self explanatory. If you are interested, Google for job descriptions. Cheese sprayer, hair boiler, professional whistler, bird crap cleaner, ostrich babysitter, dog food tester, airplane repossessor, and gum buster. Gum busters clean up gum stuck on roads, benches, etc.

Keep it Healthy

Someone thinks these are healthy.

Apr 15, 2011

Happy Friday

Before you quit - Try.
Before you hurt - Feel. 
Before you hate - Love.

I always try to feel the love of a Happy Friday!

What's in a Name

Zappos was originally named ShoeSite.com when it was founded in 1999. When it wanted to start selling more than just shoes the team decided on a variation of the word “shoes” in Spanish. Thus “zapatos” was converted to Zappos for the company name. Still free shipping from Zappos and outstanding customer service.


Louis Jacques Daguerre was close to becoming the first person to develop a practical process for producing photographs in the early 1800s. He figured out how to expose an image onto highly polished plates covered with silver iodide, a substance known to be sensitive to light. The images he was producing on these polished plates were barely visible, and he didn’t know how to make them darker.

After producing yet another disappointing image one day, Daguerre tossed the silverized plate in his chemical cabinet, intending to clean it off later. But when he went back a few days later, the image had darkened to the point where it was perfectly visible. Daguerre realized that one of the chemicals in the cabinet had somehow reacted with the silver iodide, but he had no way of know which one it was. Below is him in a colorized daguerreotype.

For weeks, Daguerre took one chemical out of the cabinet every day and put it in with a newly exposed plate. But every day, he found a less-than-satisfactory image. Finally, as he was testing the last chemical, he got the idea to put the plate in the now-empty cabinet, as he had done the first time. Sure enough, the image on the plate darkened. Daguerre carefully examined the shelves of the cabinet and found what he was looking for. Weeks earlier, a thermometer in the cabinet had broken and left a few drops of mercury on the shelf. it was the mercury vapor interacting with the silver iodide that produced the darker image. Daguerre incorporated mercury vapor into his process, and the Daguerreotype photograph was born.

Easter Painting

This is the time of the year to share this one, although it would be as beautiful anytime, even for the non-religious. LINK   It is a portrait of the Resurrection, painted in larger than life size (12  by 40 feet) The artist, Ron DiCianni, tells how and why he did it. BTW it was unveiled last year in the museum of biblical art Dallas. His works have sold in the millions when made into prints. Enjoy!

Four Uses for Mustard

Romans were first introduced to mustard seeds by the Egyptians. They mixed unfermented grape juice with ground mustard, and called this concoction "must" - hence mustard!

For Sore Throat - Combine mustard, the juice of one half of a fresh lemon, one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of honey, and one half cup of boiling water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes. Take some in your mouth and gargle! Warning: this concoction will not taste of smell good. After a few rounds of gargling, your throat should be feeling a lot less sore.

To remove bad smells, use some mustard and hot water and wipe over surface.

Drippyness' can be induced to encourage decongestion by rubbing some mustard on your chest. Place a cloth, damp with hot water, on top of the mustard. Within minutes, you will feel better.

Soothe aching muscles  Combine 2 tablespoons of mustard and 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts in your warm running bath water. Mustard will amplify the therapeutic effects of the salts, relieving you of muscle pains. As a bonus, you can also use mustard on your hot dogs and hamburgers.

Take for Granted

Many of us take things for granted, but have you ever thought about where that saying came from, or did you just take it for granted? There are many definitions, like to seize with authority, or to take with force or skill and more. The one I like is, 'to expect someone or something to always be available to you'. Have not been able to find a definitive source, but it seems that in the old days, rulers used to grant use of land, use of title, etc., and sometimes people would just assume possession of these things, even though they had not been officially granted to them. Hence, take it as if it had been granted to them.

Usually this has a negative connotation, such as being taken for granted. However, sometimes in relationships it can be good to be 'taken for granted'. It means someone has come to rely on you to always be there or always react in the same way. I take for granted that every Friday will be a Happy Friday.

Bacon Gumballs

My way-much-older brother gave me some of these tasty treats. Everyone who tries some says that they are - um - ah -  interesting. Some folks don't even spit them out. Of course, I like them.

Nano Packaging

A new and novel use for nanomaterials is ready to revolutionize food preservation. The coating is made of a thin film of nanoscale bits of clay, the same kind used to make bricks, mixed with polymers, but looks transparent. When viewed under an electron microscope, the film even looks like bricks and mortar.

The nanobrick film was recently unveiled at the National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society. It is claimed to be as impervious to air as glass is.

Snack makers have long experimented with packaging materials to keep food fresh longer. Most of the packaging processes are meant to keep out oxygen. Some examples include soda bottles coated with silicon oxide and chip bags lined with foil.

The new material would be layered onto an existing plastic package, improve its strength, and block oxygen, while still letting you see inside. Another interesting use might be to help basketballs and footballs stay inflated longer than existing balls. Of course they wouldn't need to use it for packaging bacon, it never lasts that long on the shelf.

Seven Wonders of the World

A global poll determined the new seven wonders of the world and they are: the 'Christ the Redeemer' statue in Rio de Janeiro; the Colosseum in Rome; the Taj Mahal in India; the Great Wall of China; the ancient city of Petra, in Jordan; the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru; and the ancient Mayan city of Chichén Itzá, in Mexico. Interesting how our tastes have changed, such as the Colosseum, in its glory, was not considered good enough for the old list, but not that it is ruins, it is a wonder.

The old seven wonders of the world: The Great Pyramid of Egypt, Giza; the Colossus of Rhodes, Greece; the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt; the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece; the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq; the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Turkey, and the Temple of Artemis, Turkey.
Now you can see the wonders in all their breathtaking glory at National Geographic. LINK

Soda Can Fizz

Here is a little tidbit that can be very handy around the holiday or anytime. You have seen how soda fizzes out all over if you drop a can or bottle. If someone shakes a can, it makes it difficult to open without making a mess. Here is a trick to prevent that from happening. Tap the side of the can and you can open it without fear of making a mess. LINK

Apr 8, 2011

Happy Friday

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

I am always prepared for the opportunity to have a Happy Friday!

Do Stuff Faster

Interesting collection of videos that show how to do ordinary things faster. Some are very practical. LINK

Plastic Computer Chips

A plastic processor and printed memory show that computing doesn't have to rely on inflexible silicon.

Silicon may run the computers that surround us, but the rigid inflexibility of the semiconductor means it cannot reach everywhere. The first computer processor and memory chips made out of plastic semiconductors suggest that, someday, nothing will be out of bounds for computer power and we are getting closer every day.

Researchers in Europe used 4,000 plastic, or organic, transistors to create the plastic microprocessor, which measures roughly two centimeters square and is built on top of flexible plastic foil. "Compared to using silicon, this has the advantage of lower price and that it can be flexible," says Jan Genoe at the IMEC nanotechnology center in Leuven, Belgium.

The processor can so far run only one simple program of 16 instructions and run at a speed of six hertz, on the order of a million times slower than a modern desktop machine. Organic transistors have already been used in certain LED displays and RFID tags, but have not been combined in such numbers, or used to make a processor of any kind until now.

Making the processor begins with a 25-micrometer thick sheet of flexible plastic, like what you might wrap your lunch. A layer of gold electrodes are deposited on top, followed by an insulating layer of plastic, and the plastic semiconductors that make up the processor's 4,000 transistors. In the future, such processors could be made more cheaply by printing them. This may prove to be the future of chip technology, but personally, I still like my chips made from potatoes.

Pub Sign

In the pub at Royal Hotel in Pilgrims Rest, South Africa, hangs a board engraved WYBMADIITY. Each time a customer asks what this means, the bartender says, “Will you buy me a drink if I tell you?”


In 1872, 22-year-old bricklayer George Albert Ralphs lost an arm in a hunting accident and was forced to find a new occupation. Ralphs took a job at a grocery store in downtown Los Angeles and saved enough money to open his own store with his brother two years later. Ralphs Bros. Grocery provided lodging for farmers who came to Los Angeles to sell their crops, enabling its founders to establish a good relationship with some of their main suppliers. By 1928, Ralphs, had 10 cash-and-carry stores. As it grew over the next several decades, it opened bakeries, creameries, and floral departments in its stores. In 1978, it introduced a line of Plain Wrap products, an alternative to name-brand items. Today, Ralphs is the largest subsidiary of Kroger.

Mobile Phones

1983, Motorola's DynaTAC (Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage) 8000X was the world's first commercially-released mobile phone, with a price tag of $3,995 equivalent to $8,772.59 in today's dollars. DynaTAC and Droid below, not according to scale.

Motorola spent 15 years and over $100 million developing the technology. The DynaTAC 8000X allowed 30 minutes of talk time, took 10 hours to charge, weighed 1.75 lb., and stood 13 in. high. It is fun to watch old movies and see characters use the large bulky phones and wonder how old is that. It is younger than you think.

Artificial Lungs

Growing new body parts has always been more science fiction than science reality, but that balance may quickly be shifting, at least in the lab. Relying on more sophisticated biosimulators that can better mimic body conditions, researchers have re-created the delicate architecture of a rat lung accurately enough for it to assume 95% of a normal lung's inhaling and exhaling functions.

The key to their respiratory success was starting with a skeletal rat-lung template, including a matrix of blood vessels and collagen and other connective tissue, then seeding it with stem cells and nutrients to generate lifelike tissue that exchanged oxygen and carbon dioxide just like normal lung tissue. The ultimate goal is to replace enough human lung tissue to aid patients with emphysema or lung cancer.

Apr 5, 2011

Many More Uses for Toothpaste

You probably have heard that toothpaste is a good cleaner for getting crayons off a wall, or cleaning scuffs from your running shoes, and polishing chrome. It can also help clean stains from a carpet and it is also a good idea to keep an old toothbrush for that application.

An old standby is to use toothpaste to clean water rings from wood tables. It also works as an excellent jewelry cleaner.

Back when all walls were all white, it was great to fill in nail holes in walls, especially when moving out of an apartment.

Now you can add more to your list. Use it to clean the bottom of your iron (I know some of you still use irons). Toothpaste is great for removing scuffs from leather, just rub gently and wipe. Use a dab of toothpaste, not the gel kind, to erase scratches from your iphone or a dvd. Just add a very small bit to a cotton swab or soft cloth and gently rub in a circular motion across the scratch. It is also good to clean a watch face or glasses. The key is to rub softly so you do not mar the surface and rinse with a clean damp cloth.

I have heard it stops itches from bug bites, but have not tried it for that. Use it to rub out small scratches in your car. Works like rubbing compound. Of course the best use for toothpaste is to clean your teeth. . .


This week in In 1949, representatives of 12 nations gathered in Washington to sign the North Atlantic Treaty, creating the NATO alliance. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) It now has 28 members.

NATO, headed by Admiral James Stavridis, US Navy, with operations led by Canadian Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, officially took over aerial and naval operations in Libya. The North Atlantic Council, has approved the alliance's operations for up to three months.

Maple Bacon Coffee

Here is something you do not see everyday, maple and bacon flavored coffee. it's only ten bucks a pound. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like a goodie. The site says: "The delicious flavors of sweet maple syrup and the aroma of crisp country bacon combine in this coffee brew to produce a taste you'll jump out of bed for!" Mmmm!

Facebook Statistics

It is amazing how Facebook has been growing by over a hundred million users each year for the past few years. Of course, along with that fame comes click scams and apps that steal your friend list with their email and phone numbers, ripe for the plucking. It is much more fun than scary, so enjoy, just be sure to review your security settings and do not click on anything that seems to good to be true. Here is a LINK to how people are scammed by Facebook applications and ads. Here is another LINK that shows the amazing growth from 2004, when it began to now. See ya on Facebook. . .

Apr 1, 2011

Happy Friday

The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

My dreams and hopes always lead me to the reality of a Happy Friday!


What a better way to start April Fools day than with a discussion of laughter. It's true - laughter has many healthy benefits for us and that's no joke. For instance, Laughing for just 15 minutes a day burns enough calories to lose up to 5lbs of fat over a year. A big belly laugh uses about the same energy as walking more than half a mile, according to the US study in the International Journal of Obesity.

Laughing makes the heart beat faster and works many different muscles.

Researchers measured the number of calories expended by 45 adults as they watched different TV programs, including nature and comedy shows. Bouts of laughter when watching a funny show used up to 20% more energy than at rest.

Work already suggests that laughter is good for the heart and immune system, and appears to help ease pain. Dr Shevach Friedler, even found humor increased the chance that fertility treatment would be a success in patients seeking IVF. He said, "Laughter has a physiological effect as well as a psychological one. It is an intuitive human trait. We do not learn it. It's in our genes. If we retain this in our genes then probably it has beneficial effects." OK, go play a prank today and have a good belly laugh, it is good for your heart and soul. Be careful about that fertility thing. .


We have become so accustomed to speed for our internet play time that we get upset when things slow down. All Internet Service Providers (ISP) do not measure their speed equally.

ISPs are the big name companies, like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc., that offer you service and provide an on-ramp to the internet and email from your phone or wireless access for your laptop, or iPad. They tout claims of 3G (3rd generation cellular wireless), 4G (4th generation), etc., but the claims are not truly living up to the legal descriptions of those services. For instance, the original ITU-R requirements of data rates approximately up to 1 Gbits ( 1 gigabit = a billion bits per second) for 4G systems. Average phone users get speeds of about 1Mbps (1 thousandth of a Gbits) and the minimum is 400Mbps.

Bottom line, don't believe any of the hype. All providers these days are good enough, unless your are a power user and download large amounts of data or play games with users around the world. Be happy that, for the most part, we no longer have to rely on dial-up service for our home PCs.

Here is a site where you can test your speed. LINK  It takes about 30 seconds and you can see how your home system compares to others. Below are my results with Verizon FIOS.

Google's internal studies show that introducing a delay of 100 to 400 milliseconds (thousandth of a second) when displaying search results led users to conduct up to 0.6 percent fewer searches.

Google Transparency

Here is a new feature from Google. It tells how many government requests it gets from around the world to remove content from services, or provide information about users of  services and products, or shut down sites. It shows by country for six month increments. Sensitive government requests are not shown, due to national security concerns. Not surprisingly, the US seems to top the list for numbers of requests. LINK   Personally, I am tired of the 'transparency' word. What ever happened to plain old 'truth' and 'honesty'.


I'll bet most of you believe that life savers got the name because the candy resembles the life savers on boats, but that is not true. LifeSavers got their name because of their serendipitous resemblance to miniature donuts. If one of these delectable confections was accidentally inhaled and/or lodged in the throat, the hole in the middle would allow air to enter and exit the lungs, thus circumventing suffocation. They would, in fact, "save your life."

The candy was invented in 1912 by a chocolate maker named Clarence Crane. Stores typically cut back on their chocolate orders during the summer because the candy would melt on the way to the store. Clarence decided to make a different kind of candy that would be easier to transport during the hot weather. He found a druggist with a pill-making machine that he could use. When the machine malfunctioned and punched a hole in the center of each mint (the original flavor), Clarence realized that he had a revolutionary product on his hands.

Video Cameras

In 1956, Ray Dolby, Charles Ginsberg, and Charles Anderson invented a video camera (records electronic images) that was the first machine to record both image and sound. The machines sold for $75,000 each and only sold to large TV networks until the 80's. The first commercial color video camera to utilize a completely solid-state image sensor called a charge-coupled-device (CCD) was developed by Sony in 1980.

Now we make homemade movies with an HD Video camera or hand-held camcorder (videocamera recorder) that can easily fit in any pant pocket.