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Jan 17, 2014

Ten Unique Jobs

With so many people out of work, I thought it might be nice to help them expand their job search. Here are some jobs you might not thought of applying for.
Dog Food Taster
Odor Judge (for underarm odors)
Bull Semen Collector
Artificial Inseminator (animals)
Condom Tester
Coin Polisher
Dinosaur Duster
Mount Rushmore Crack Filler
Pollen Collector
Breath Odor Evaluator
Now get out there and expand your horizons.

Apr 19, 2011

Eight Interesting Jobs You Don't think About

Think your job is boring? Here are a few interesting jobs you might consider if you are looking for a career change. These are real jobs, with listings on the internet. I won't give details, because they are mostly self explanatory. If you are interested, Google for job descriptions. Cheese sprayer, hair boiler, professional whistler, bird crap cleaner, ostrich babysitter, dog food tester, airplane repossessor, and gum buster. Gum busters clean up gum stuck on roads, benches, etc.