Oct 9, 2020

Windex Facts


Windex Facts - Things to never clean with Windex - Leather, “Do not use Windex on leather furniture; its alcohol content can cause permanent discoloration.”

Plexiglass, “I often see homeowners make this big mistake: they clean their art pieces framed in plexiglass with original Windex,” says Maria Brophy, owner of Brophy Art Gallery in San Clemente, California. “Windex with ammonia will ruin the plexiglass.”

Shower doors, “In my experience, Windex does not work well on soap scum buildup on a glass shower door.”

Stainless steel, “I don’t recommend using Windex on stainless steel appliances,” says Carol Smith, owner of Toronto-based Hireamaid. “Their finishes and how they interact with Windex can vary."

TV or computer screens, “Monitors can be damaged by the chemicals in original Windex because they can warp plastics, including the tint on your flat panel screen.”

Copper, “The alcohol contained in Windex will affect the patina of the copper and could cause permanent discoloration."

Granite or marble, “Windex should not be used on granite or marble kitchen tops. Cleaners like Windex can etch or dull the surfaces of natural stone.”

Laminate countertop or glass top stove, It’s important to note that original Windex offers no disinfecting or cleaning properties."

Grout, Want the grout in your kitchen or bathroom to be white and bright? Do not reach for Windex—it will not lighten up the lining between your tiles.

Bathtubs, Bathtubs, showers, and toilets are other areas you will want to scrub down and disinfect and not with the original Windex.

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