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Apr 1, 2011


I'll bet most of you believe that life savers got the name because the candy resembles the life savers on boats, but that is not true. LifeSavers got their name because of their serendipitous resemblance to miniature donuts. If one of these delectable confections was accidentally inhaled and/or lodged in the throat, the hole in the middle would allow air to enter and exit the lungs, thus circumventing suffocation. They would, in fact, "save your life."

The candy was invented in 1912 by a chocolate maker named Clarence Crane. Stores typically cut back on their chocolate orders during the summer because the candy would melt on the way to the store. Clarence decided to make a different kind of candy that would be easier to transport during the hot weather. He found a druggist with a pill-making machine that he could use. When the machine malfunctioned and punched a hole in the center of each mint (the original flavor), Clarence realized that he had a revolutionary product on his hands.

Jul 20, 2010

Birthday Cake Tip

Just saw this interesting idea to keep candle wax off of your next birthday cake. Slip a lifesaver on the bottom and it will catch any melting wax. You can leave the lifesaver on the cake when you remove the candle so you don't get your fingers in the icing.