Apr 30, 2010

Shaving is Sexy

According to a recent Schick national research poll, men who shave regularly (5 times a week or more) have twice as much sex (15.5 vs. 7.8 times per month). They're also happier (89% vs. 82%), and more likely to report they are living their dreams (76% vs. 64%). (Of course Chuck Norris is the exception.)

Eighty-two percent of women report a preference for cleanly shaven men and another 83% say it's sexy when a man has a smooth touchable face. Additionally:

    * 76% say they love it when their man shaves
    * 76% agree a "cleanly shaven man turns me on"
    * 64% say when their man shaves, they just can't keep their hands off of him
    * 78% would rather kiss a cleanly shaven man than a scruffy man
    * 64% would rather have sex with a cleanly shaven man than a scruffy one

Also, according to the survey, women ranked body odor and dandruff the top two biggest turn-offs in a man. I started shaving three times a day and I feel sexier already.