Aug 25, 2010

English School Lunches

The chairman of England's School Food Trust (part of the Department of Education), said parents are hampering efforts to cut obesity in children by sending them to school with crisps (chips), fizzy drinks, and biscuits. He also suggested chocolates, crisps, and sugary drinks could be banned in packed lunches altogether by tightening the rules on what children can bring into school.

The chairman said the best solution would be for parents to pay for their children to eat healthy hot meals in canteens rather than giving them lunch boxes. Stricter measures on what can be included in school dinners were implemented by the Trust five years ago, but he said many middle class parents remain unconvinced that packed lunches are less healthy than canteen meals.

Parents' groups, however, said the Trust and the government should "get off our backs" and stop attempting to prescribe to parents what they can and cannot feed their children.