Jan 24, 2012

Seven More Uses for Rice

Put it to work doing dishes. You can use rice to get at those hard-to-reach bottoms of narrow-necked milk bottles and flower vases. Add rice, soap, water, and then shake-shake-swirl.

Get your coffee grinder squeaky clean by wiping grinder clear of debris and add enough rice to cover the blades and grind.  The rice will absorb all the lingering oils that carry the coffee aroma.

Use rice water as a facial serum by saving the water from rinsing your cooking rice. Let it cool and use a wash cloth to rub the liquid into your face and rinse clean. Rice is high in vitamin E.

Make an easy heating pad by filling a sock with a couple cups of rice, and then tie the open end. Pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and you have  an instant heating pad.

When finished with that heating pad, let the kids or pets play with it like a bean bag.

Bury wet electronic devices in  a bowl of rice. It extracts moisture like silica gel.

Make DIY glue by boiling down rice until it degrades and releases the starch.