Feb 22, 2013

Internet and Devices

This year there will be more mobile devices in the world than people, according to Cisco's annual report. At the same time, many of the world's population do not yet have Internet access.

This year more people in the world will be getting Internet access for the first time.

Today's Internet is out of space as it only planned for a maximum of 4 billion addresses. A brand new Internet opened in June 2012 after a decade of work. It is called Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Eventually, all the new devices and websites will only work on IPv6 and all the old ones will need to convert. IPV6 is able to handle in excess of 340 trillion addresses.

Below is where you can test to see if your computer can connect. It takes a few seconds. Do not worry if you cannot connect, it will be at least more than five years before your equipment will be required to change. When you upgrade your equipment, it will be compatible. (you can test it here).

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