Jan 24, 2014

Global Belly Laugh Day

Today is Global Belly Laugh Day. Laughter causes the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow. This makes us feel more positive, boosts our immune systems, increases pain tolerance and makes us feel good. It is appropriate to be celebrated this time of year as Victor Hugo said, " Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."

Send out an email, put up posters, and tell everyone you meet to laugh out loud. Share your laughs with others. Look through old photos of you, family, and friends wearing crazy outfits and send them with good wishes. On your way to work, laugh out loud at every stop light and look around at how many people you can make smile. Ask your work friends to try it on the way home and report back next Monday. This will extend the holiday into next week. Text a picture of you laughing to everyone on your contact list and ask them to do the same. When no one is around, draw a smiley face on any blackboard or whiteboard at work with the words Global Belly Laugh Day.

It is OK to laugh in private, but much better to share. That is why today is not just a local or national holiday, it is a global holiday. Laughter knows no language, age, ethnicity, etc., barriers and can be shared with all.

Today is the day to take the Laughing Oath and paste a copy on your bathroom mirror to remind you every day.
"I do solemnly swear from this day forward
To grease my giggling gears each day
And to wear a grin on my face for no reason at all!
I promise to tap my funny bone often,
With children, family, friends, colleagues and clients,
And to laugh at least fifteen times per day.
I believe that frequent belly laughter
Cures terminal tightness, cerebral stiffness,
And hardening of the attitudes,
And that HA HA often leads to AHA!
Therefore, I vow, from this day forth,
To brighten the day of everyone I meet,
And to laugh long and prosper."
from - The Laughing Classroom, by Diana Loomans and Karen Kolberg


  1. "Laughter causes the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow."

    Love that! Great info Shub!

    1. Thanks. I try to get my daily dose of laughing in whenever possible. The physical changes are just a bonus.