Mar 13, 2015

Double Meaning Animals

We do not often think of the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, and we ignore how many times we egg someone on by calling them chicken. Here are a few more ways we use animals in discussions.

I was fishing for how to begin this.
Am not trying to be a leech or to sponge off of you.
Sometimes we hound someone for no good reason.
Too often we wolf down food or just plain pig out.
We feel playful and horse around or monkey around.
When we get caught, it is time to pony up.
Children often ape their parents and too often parrot what they say.
When someone gooses you, it is time to duck out, but most often they just did it for a lark.
You probably think it is time for me to clam up, but I am not done yet.
There are a few more squirreled away, just to badger you a bit more.
Luckily there were no moles in the crowd to give away my secrets.

Am still crowing that I managed to finished this.