Feb 19, 2017

Coffee Grounds Uses

Coffee grounds serve a dual purpose when it comes to cleaning pots and pans. Grounds attract and absorb grease and oil, making them an ideal candidate, with dish soap for removing excess grease from a pan.

Coffee attracts worms and their presence means a healthy garden. Also, the acidity in the grounds keeps snails and slugs away. The grounds alter the pH level of soil, which can result in new colors for flowers.

Sprinkling grounds over wood before setting a fire can stop ashes from flying around.

After rinsing your hands, scrub them with used grounds, and then wash
to remove the smell of garlic or fish from them. The grounds exfoliate your skin and remove dead tissue, which is where much of the smell resides.

Coffee grounds as a skin scrub can help revitalize your face and reduce cellulite.

Put a bowl of grounds in the back of the fridge, and another in the freezer. Some people argue that raw grounds work as the best deodorizer, while others claim used grounds are best. Try a half-and-half mixture.