Mar 1, 2020

Four More Uses for Meat Tenderizer

Relieve Bug Bites/Stings – Meat tenderizer can offer some relief from itchy and painful insect bites and stings. It is a staple in some prepper medicine cabinets.  It is an analgesic of sorts with pain-numbing powers.  Just mix it with water, and make a paste if you are bitten or get stung.  It will help soothe the irritation while calming inflammation. The Journal of the American Medical Association states “This proteolytic enzyme of meat tenderizer probably breaks down the venoms and kinins injected by the insect.”

Burn Remedy – To use meat tenderizer to heal burns, make a soothing paste out of it using water. Meat tenderizer is the instant relief that sits in your pantry, but belongs in your medicine cabinet.

Stain Remover – Get out tough stains using meat tenderizer, but avoid using meat tenderizer on silk or wool.  You could ruin the fabrics. You should be able to tackle blood stains, perspiration stains, and milk stains using it.

Muscle Aches – Interestingly enough, the ingredient bromelain in meat tenderizer is a plant compound and an antifibrotic enzyme that breaks down scarification in muscles to help with muscle tension and pain. It can help soothe aching and sore muscles.

People who have allergies, such as bee allergies or latex allergies, or other sensitivities, should follow their normal protocol and discuss its use with a physician before using a meat tenderizer for first aid. Likewise, if you have issues with sodium, refrain from using meat tenderizers as they typically have high sodium content.

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