Jul 12, 2013

New Cast Design

With this new 3D-printed exoskeletal cast idea, the incredibly fun and funky looking design provides a bit of leeway when it comes to scratching that itch halfway down your arm or balancing one leg outside of the shower so as not to get the cast wet. Victoria University of Wellington Architecture and Design school graduate Jake Evill recently developed this concept, called Cortex.

The exoskeletal cast provides a strong fractured-bone support system featuring lightweight protection that is ventilated, recyclable, and shower friendly.

To produce the cast, the patient receives an X-Ray scan during which the break is identified. That specific area is then 3D scanned and the data is fed into the computer to generate a 3D-printed cast. The final product has one open side that is eventually snapped closed with strong fasteners.


  1. This is not altogether different from the old school mortar of Paris throws. In spite of the fact that the fiberglass is waterproof, the cushioning cast design inside still needs to remain dry. This kind of thrown comes for entertainment only shades and is much lighter than the mortar of Paris rendition. What's more yes, your companions can in any case draw on it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.