Aug 27, 2009

Highest Paid CEOs, 2008

Interesting that none of them, other than the first one, are from Wall Street or Banks. The first one includes 700 million dollars from his stock received at the IPO of his company, so it is not really pay. Most are from the energy sector. Hmmm!

Name Company Compensation
Stephen Schwarzman Blackstone Group $702,440,573
Lawrence Ellison Oracle Corp. $556,976,600
Ray Irani Occidental Petroleum Corp. $222,639,705
John Hess Hess Corp. $159,566,940
Michael Watford Ultra Petroleum Corp. $116,929,392
Aubrey McClendon Chesapeake Energy Corp. $114,286,867
Bob Simpson XTO Energy Inc. $103,485,972
Mark Papa EOG Resources, Inc. $90,471,784
Eugene Isenberg Nabors Industries Ltd. $79,333,079
Michael Jeffries Abercrombie & Fitch Co. $71,795,744