Sep 18, 2009

Ginger Day

We just passed the ginger festival, where 3,000 redheads came together for a recent gathering and it became a bonding experience.

The celebrations for the annual Redhead Day, which has spilled across a weekend to mark all things ginger id paid for by the local government in Breda, a city in the south east Netherlands. It has been celebrated for five years and has grown into a huge festival of ginger self-affirmation, overtaking the city center for one weekend every September.

The initiative is all for the redheads and there is much common ground for the members of one of the most genetically distinctive, yet disparate groups in the world. Men and women sporting a spectrum of ginger, from strawberry blonde to rich ochre, swap stories of being picked on in the playground and discrimination in the wider world. Here they just enjoy the fun and camaraderie.