Jun 25, 2010

Going Green

How is your carbon footprint? Here are a few things that might surprise you and are certainly counter to the hype.

Plastic bags are only about 1,000th of the carbon footprint of what is in the bags - 10g carbon dioxide equivalent.

Electric hand driers only use 20g CO2e.

Watching TV for an hour in front of a 42-inch plasma screen is about equal to a one-mile drive in a very efficient car - 220g CO2e.

Keeping your old car is better than buying a new one, because making a car creates about half the footprint of the fuel it burns. It takes a long time to recover the fifty percent CO2e cost of building the new car.

>From a woman's point of view - she can go shopping for an hour and take home 22 bags of goodies to equal one hour of her mate watching TV.

>From a man's point of view - he needs to drive his sleek new car fast and far to quickly make up for the carbon wasted in building it.