Jun 22, 2010

Red Light Photos

California's three-judge appellate panel unanimously found a total lack of evidence from Santa Ana, California red light camera program and are becoming increasingly upset at the conduct of cities and photo enforcement vendors.

The decision calls into question the legitimacy of the way red light camera trials are conducted and setting a precedent that applies to the county's three million residents and others around the country.

The attorney objected to the admission of the red light camera photographs because the city had failed to lay a proper foundation for the evidence and the photos contained hearsay evidence.

The court said the photographic records were created by a for-profit  company, not a state or local government agency and the document that they created cannot be and is not an 'official record' under Evidence Code section 1280."

Bottom line - All charges were dismissed. This may go a long way to eliminating those pesky cameras atop the lights around the country. More proof that if you get a ticket, go fight it in person, the odds are in your favor.