Jun 28, 2011

Best Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a staple for summer holidays and July fourth is no different. There is a web site that has posted what it says are the 20 best hot dogs. LINK Interesting to note that all 20 were packaged dogs. All but a few were beef dogs and most had the casing which produced a crunch when bitten into. Winner was Hebrew National Reduced Fat Beef Franks and the runner up was Nathan's Kosher Premium Beef Franks. Not surprising, Oscar Mayer had seven contenders in the running.

Personally, I find meat market hand made dogs to be ultimately more tasty and flavorful. Also, a bit of pork thrown in adds to the flavor and diversity of taste. The person that thought of adding turkey to hot dogs is just as bad as the person that first added non meat fillers to hot dogs. Blasphemy!