Jun 21, 2011

Google Voice and Image Search

Two very cool new ways to make your life easier while searching. For Google Voice Search, click on the microphone icon to the right of the search box and start speaking. For Google Image Search, you can use a photo from the web, from your PC, or scan a photo in. To use this, you need to click on 'images' while on the Google page, then click on the little Camera icon on the right of the search bar. It will provide any information it can find, such as location, history, or whatever.

I used voice and it works as well or better than typing, and there were no mistyped words. Tried images and had interesting results. First used a photo of myself and it found many pictures with the same pose and coloring, but the people did not look similar and it did not find any pictures of me, although there are many on the web. Next I tried a picture of a church and it found similar colored pictures and many buildings, but also showed pictures of beaches, people with camels, etc. Next, I tried a logo, using the IBM logo. It immediately came up with 'best guess' and guessed IBM logo. It then gave history, company facts, Wikipedia info, and a thousand other results.

Bottom line, Google voice is easy, fun, and works if you have a mic on your PC (most laptops and all phones (duh) have a mic built in). Google image is not yet ready for prime time, except in limited situations, such as finding info on famous locations, buildings, logos, etc. Google Image is available now , but Voice is not available to the whole web yet. You will know when you can use it, by looking for the microphone icon in the search bar.