Sep 21, 2013

Five Household Uses for Tea Bags

Tea is a great, natural way to clean and polish wood furniture. Brew a full pot of tea and allow it to cool to room temperature. Then dip a light colored, clean towel in the tea and gently rub the wet end of the towel along the surface of wooden furniture. The tea removes light stains and scratches and leaves the furniture shining.

If you wipe mirrors down with room temperature tea, they will be clean and streak-free. A microfiber towel or newspaper both work well.

Empty wet tea leaves into a bowl and sprinkle them across the fireplace before cleaning. The wet tea leaves absorb the ash, making it easier to clean the fireplace and with less dust.

Add a few used tea bags to the bottom of a planter before adding soil. The tea bags absorb excess water.

Used tag bags actually absorb odors in small spaces, much like baking soda does. Let tea bags dry completely and add to sock drawers or toss a bag into shoes or sneakers. The bags soak up odors for a few weeks.

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