Aug 7, 2015

Three Uses for Rosemary

Use Rosemary stalks to skewer meats and vegetables as they actually contain the same oils and scents as rosemary leaves.

Pick the thickest stalks, scrape off the leaves, and pierce them through a couple of inch-sized pieces of meat, lamb, chicken, or fish and it infuses flavor from the inside.

For more delicate fish, you could also layer a bunch of stalks to create a lattice and add some slices of lemon, then put the fish directly onto this homemade roasting rack for additional flavor.

Add rosemary stalks to a fireplace for a natural forest smell in your living room. In many complementary medicines, the smell of rosemary is said to give you more energy. It was also used by the ancient Romans as incense and by the Elizabethans to improve memory.