Jan 13, 2017

Cold Weather Hack

We have not had much cold weather here lately, but I know some of you are dealing with it. When you are outside in cold weather, one of the first things to get cold is your feet. The reason is the body is protecting itself from the cold and trying to keep the core of your body, where all your internal organs are located, warm. That means blood flow to your hands and feet become limited, making them colder.

This is why it is important to have warm footwear when venturing outside in cold weather. A way to improve the warmth of even the cheapest boots is to go to a dollar store and buy a sun sheet, like the one you put in a car window to keep the sun out during summer. Remove shoe or boot insoles, place them face down on the sheet, trace the outside of them, and cut the sun sheet. Put the cut sun sheet in your boot and put your insole in over top of it. This will add insulation between you and the cold ground and it will also reflect your body heat back up into you.