Jan 27, 2017

Beer Can Origin

Prohibition was finally repealed during December 1933. During that same year, the first beer can patent was issued. After much testing and changing designs, the American Can Company finally was ready to sell its cans. On January 24, 1935 the Krueger Brewing and Ale company began selling beer in cans for the first time. By the end of the year, 36 other brewers were also selling beer in cans.

A 'churchkey' type can opener was patented by another company that same year. One end was used for opening bottles and the other for puncturing the top of beer cans. They were usually given away for free. Young people will never be able to appreciate the versatility of this handy device.

Incidentally, Churchkey Can Company is a brewery founded in 2012 by actor Adrian Grenier and former Nike designer Justin Hawkins in Seattle, USA. The brewery's name refers to its flagship beer, which must be opened using a can piercer, or 'church key'.