Jul 20, 2019

Historical Facts and Time Perception

When we think of historical facts, we often confuse the sequence of events in history.
The Coliseum in Rome, Italy, was unveiled in 80 A.D., about the same time the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible were written.
Oxford University in England was created before the emergence of the Aztec Empire in modern Mexico.
Tiffany & Company is older than the nation of Italy. The Italian Republic did not happen until 1861 and Tiffany was founded in 1837.
The Titanic sank the same month that Boston’s Fenway Park opened during 1912 and the same year vitamins and Oreos were invented.

The fax machine was invented the same year the first wagon crossed the Oregon Trail in 1843.
The Brooklyn Bridge was being built during the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.
Nintendo was founded when Jack the Ripper was still on the loose in 1889.
Buffalo Bill Cody was alive at the same time the Germans were bombing with Zeppelins in 1916.

Cowboy Wyatt Earp was a movie consultant in his later years and knew William S. Hart, Tom Mix, Charlie Chaplin, Jack London, and more. He died in 1929.

Marilyn Monroe, Chuck Berry, Queen Elizabeth, Don Rickles, and Fidel Castro were born the same year in 1926.
Prisoners arrived at Auschwitz just days after the original McDonald's was founded in May, 1940.

The guillotine was still in use when Jimmy Carter was President of the United States, the year the first Star Wars was released, the year Charlie Chaplin Died, and Apple was incorporated. The last person was beheaded by the device in France during 1977.
The first man to achieve powered flight lived to see it accomplished at speeds faster than sound. Orville Wright lived until 1948, a year after a plane passed the speed of sound during 1947, and a few years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in 1945.
The last eligible Civil War widow and American pensioner from the Civil War died in 2008. Pensions payable to surviving children and their spouses continued until at least 2017. That means the United States was continuing to incur costs related to the Civil War over 150 years after it ended.
Woolly mammoths were still roaming the earth when the pyramids were built at Giza. The great mammals coexisted with humans for several thousand years and the date of their final demise is several centuries after the construction of the pyramids.

Americans were on the moon in July, 1969, before women in Switzerland were allowed to vote in October, 1969.

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