Jul 12, 2019

Microwaves Revisited

Microwaving changes the molecular structure of food. It has been scientifically proven that microwaving changes the molecular structure of food. This is called cooking.
There are two kinds of radiation: (1) ionizing, the high-energy kind produced by nuclear bombs, radioactive elements, etc., and (2) non-ionizing, the relatively low-energy type we encounter every day in the form of light, heat, and radio waves. Microwaves are located between radio and heat (infrared) as non-ionizing.
Microwave heating is different from conventional heating because, microwaves only affect molecules having polarity or positive and negative ends, which rotate rapidly back and forth as the microwaves pass through. A common type of polar molecule is water, which is distributed fairly evenly throughout many foods.

Infrared energy warms up almost any molecule it passes through. While ordinary heat gets absorbed by the outer layer of a food and only slowly penetrates to the interior, microwave energy passes through most of the food as though it were transparent and heats up mainly the water, and to a degree fats and sugars, which in turn heat up everything else. The food thus cooks mostly uniformly. Yes, microwaved foods are still safe to eat.

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