Aug 19, 2016

Happy Friday

Happiness is empyreal.

I wake up in awe of another Happy Friday!

Happy National Aviation Day

During 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Presidential Proclamation 2343, making August 19, Orville Wright’s birthday, National Aviation Day.

Spumoni Day

August 21 is National Spumoni Day in the United States. It is not as popular as it used to be when there were many more Italian ice cream shops around. Spumone (plural spumoni) is a molded Italian ice cream made with layers of different colors and flavors, containing candied fruits and nuts. It is usually three flavors, cherry, pistachio, and either chocolate or vanilla and the fruit/nut layer often contains cherry bits, causing the traditional red/pink, green, and brown color combination. Dreyer's and Edy's still make the delicious mix. My mouth is watering for some with pistachio ice cream. Yum! Incidentally, November 13 is National Spumoni Day in Canada.

Another Use for Toothpaste

Take a damp, soft cloth and a small blob of toothpaste to easily erase minor scratches and scuff marks on your car. It works best if the scratches and/or scuff marks have not fully penetrated the clear coat of paint. Softly rub the toothpaste onto the scuff mark using small, circular motions to cover the blemished area.

Whitening toothpaste seems to work best as it has more abrasives than other types. Toothpaste works to sand down the uneven surface of the glossy sheen and fill in the gaps. Make sure the surface around the area is clean. If there is foreign paint on the outside, the toothpaste will also act as an abrasive to help remove it. Incidentally, it also works well to buff your smart phone screen scratches.

Super Storage

Computers are getting smaller and so is storage, but not data. Businesses are being forced to store huge amounts of data. The latest product is the 60TerraByte SAS solid state device from Seagate, the world's largest capacity solid state drive and it fits into a standard 3.5 inch standard hard disk drive slot.

The drive is aimed at data centers. It has twice the density and four times the storage of its nearest competitor. The capacity shows room for 400 million photos or 12,000 DVDs.

"Given the demands on today's data centers, optimal technologies are those that can accommodate an immense amount of data as needed—and without taking up too much space. As such, we are constantly seeking new ways to provide the highest density possible in our all-flash data center configurations," says Mike Vildibill, vice president of Advanced Technologies and Big Data at HP Enterprise.

Seagate has not released pricing details on the 60TB SAS SSD, but it has said the drive will hit the market during 2017.

WWII is Not Over

There are a string of volcanic islands in the Pacific, known as the Kurils. A dispute between Russia and Japan, has prevented the two nations from signing a peace treaty to formally end World War II.

The islands are equidistant between the two countries and are rich in natural resources, including potentially large oil and natural gas reserves. Known in Japan as the Northern Territories and in Russia as the South Kurils, four of these islands are at the center of a dispute over ownership that continues. Many potential solutions to the conflict have been proposed, but talks between the countries have led to a stalemate and lack of war ending treaty.

Another Windows 10 Quick Tip

If you have many windows open and want to focus on one in particular, while holding down the left mouse key, grab the title bar with your mouse pointer, then shake back and forth to minimize all other windows. If you want to bring the other windows back, just shake the first window again and all will be right back to normal. Using the Alt and Tab keys together still works to switch windows.

Wordology, Part and Parcel

Although not used in everyday discussions as it was in the past, this idiom is still used in the legal system. In this reduplicative phrase, common since the 14th century, the nouns ‘part’ and ‘parcel’ are synonyms. It comes from the ancient legal practice of including words of closely similar meaning to make sure that the sense covers all eventualities. The expression part and parcel was originally used in a sense that was frequently preceded by every, to mean all parts of something, even the smallest.

A parcel is part of a larger whole, such as parcel of land, parcel of weather, parcel of equipment, etc. Part is a division or portion of something and has the same meaning.

Recently it has come to imply the sense of something being a necessary part of some larger containing thing and the implication that this particular part may not be desirable, but cannot be avoided if you want the thing it is part of. For instance, we understand that some inconveniences are still part and parcel of modern travel. Other similar words include: nooks and crannies, aid and abet, etc.

Incidentally, the Southern US variation, passel comes from the old pronunciation of parcel and is often preceded by whole, suggesting a large group of people or things, such as a passel of problems, or passel of experts.

What's in a Name, Wikipedia

Wikipedia is based on two words, the Hawaiian word Wiki, meaning quick and encyclopedia, with pedia being the Greek term for knowledge: “quick knowledge.”