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Sep 4, 2015

John Tyler, President

The tenth US president, John Tyler (1841-1845) was the first US born president. He was born in March 29, 1790, in the State of Virginia, US. The treaty of Paris establishing USA as a new country was signed in September 3, 1783. Although the previous presidents were born in what is now the US, it was a British colony until that date.

Feb 27, 2015

Interesting Facts

A friend of mine, Bob D. passed on these tidbits, some old some new, but all interesting. The population of the world could fit into the state of Texas and it would still be less crowded than New York City. The surface area of Russia is slightly larger than that of Pluto. Lego makes more tires than any company, including tire companies. The combined weight of all ants on earth is about equal to the combined weight of all humans. Alexander the Great conquered half the known world by age 22. Tenth US president John Tyler (born 1790) has two grandsons (born 1924, 1928) still living (as of Jan, 2015). The last known widow of a civil war veteran died in 2008.