Jul 13, 2010

Four More Uses for Potatoes

We all know that potato chips and french fries are natures almost perfect food, (next to bacon, of course). There are also more uses for potatoes you may enjoy.

Potatoes hold heat well, so warm one up and wrap it in a dishcloth and you have a great hot compress. Put a potato in the freezer for a while and you have a cold compress.

Cut a potato and rub on your hands to remove those stains from fresh berries. It the stains are extra tough, add some lemon juice to the potato.

Press a piece of raw cut potato against a cooking burn and it will soothe and remove the sting.

Mix some room temperature plain mashed potatoes with lemon juice and some milk for a soothing facial. Leave on your face for about 20 minutes and then rinse off to reveal soft skin.

Cut a potato in half and press the cut surface of a potato into the sharp edges of a broken light bulb. Unscrew the broken bulb with the potato. Don't forget to throw away the used potato with the broken bulb.