Mar 8, 2011

Tiger Oil Memos

There is a number of absolutely wacky memos from irascible Edward 'Tiger Mike' Davis, CIO of Tiger Oil, written in the 1970s. Did some checking and he did exist and did have a terrible attitude toward his employees. If you think you have boss problems, they are minor, compared to this guy.

Sample:  "I swear, but since I am the owner of this company, that is my privilege...There will be absolutely no swearing, by ANY employee, male or female, in this office, ever." "Anyone who lets their hair grow below their ears to where I can't see their ears means they don't wash. If they don't wash, they stink, and if they stink, I don't want the son-of-a-b**ch around me." "We do not pay starvation wages, and there are some people left in this world who want to work. I am not fond of hippies, long-hairs, dope fiends or ­alcoholics." BTW, Tiger Oil went bankrupt. Not sure if it was related to Tiger Mike's memos.

Here is a LINK to these and more originals. I think some should be framed for posterity.