Oct 18, 2013

Street Signs

Real estate and subdivision developers have the privilege of naming new streets in the United States. The name is submitted to the city for review. Police, fire, and the post office, are given the opportunity to veto the name if they feel it creates any confusion.

The building, engineering and public works departments all comment, but the departments that have the most input and veto power are police and fire. The reason is that the street names are unique and intelligible enough for them to distinguish and find a street and property in an emergency.

Most cities have guidelines and standards for certain areas that require street names to be of a specific theme. This is why you see a large quantity of streets named after trees in one particular section of a city, or all 50 states represented in street names in Washington D.C.

If you happen to be a developer and want to name a street after yourself, you would have better luck in a newly developing suburb than you would in an established city.

The names of trees and numbers make up the greatest number of street names in the country