Aug 22, 2014

Internet Radio

Many of us think the radio is for the car, or background music while at home, but do not think of listening to the radio on the Internet. Some internet radio stations require free signup, some require nothing but your ears. Since these are Internet based, they are available on your PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. A few require an app for your phone, but most are just available as a web site.

Below are a few free (most accept donations) stations you can tune into while derping around the net. You can find many more by Googling "Internet Radio Stations."

Many genres available, but some have commercials embedded -

Large collection of stations -

Smartphone favorite -

Very cool option to check real radio stations that also broadcast live. Check by hometown, country, or genre.

Was going to add links to specific stations, but thought why limit you to my musical proclivities. Enjoy!