Jan 11, 2019

Free up Phone Space

If your phone response is getting sluggish or you get the message that it is getting full, there are two places to look, pictures and messages. Obviously movie files and podcasts take up the most storage. You can back up files to the cloud or your PC, then delete the largest files first to gain the most storage with the least amount of files deleted.
You should routinely delete old photos and videos anyway as good maintenance. As a side benefit, you will be able to find what you want faster. Also, if you lose your phone there is less chance of pictures hitting the internet.

To many it is not as obvious, but messages, especially messages with pictures or videos take up an enormous about of room. You can save the pictures and videos from messages into your pictures app, then delete them from messages. Many people do that, but do not realize there are duplicates taking up an enormous amount of space. Even without pictures, messages take up much space. The easy to delete messages is to check delete all, then uncheck the boxes of ones you wish to keep. Just as with photos, routinely deleting old messages is good maintenance to keep your phone from getting sluggish and from running out of space.

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