May 31, 2019

Save on Streaming

The beauty of cutting the cable habit of by-appointment-TV is that you can cancel non-cable anytime without penalty. A good way of finding alternatives and varying your watching is to sample different services for a week or month.
Once you paid for a month of HBO Now, CBS All Access, or pretty much any other streaming TV service, you are entitled to that full month even after you cancelled. These companies do not do prorated refunds, which is unfortunate if you forget to cancel a free trial, but it is great for avoiding automatic renewal in the first place. With so many new services offering their own exclusive shows, subscribing in one-month increments is a great way to keep your monthly TV bill in check and finding more variety of entertainment.

Cancelling a streaming service is still much easier than shutting off cable or satellite TV, as most providers have direct links or clear instructions on how to stop service without the problem of talking to a person trying to get you to not cancel.

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