Sep 6, 2019

Burning of Zozobra

On the Friday before Labor Day each year, Santa Fe residents watch as their sadness and gloom go up in flames. Traditionally, burning Zozobra allows gloom and sadness to be dispelled so the fiesta can begin. The 50-foot-tall, white-clad, dreadful faced marionette is mounted high above Fort Marcy Park. His growls turn to agonizing screams as the Fire Spirit dances and throws flames at Zozobra’s feet. He begins to scream violently as he is set on fire and begins to burn. Fireworks burst forth from within the marionette, burning him completely and he crashes to the ground.

The crowd cheers as the monster representing their sorrows explodes before crumpling to the ground in defeat. Setting this massive marionette aflame rids Santa Fe of doom and gloom for another year.

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