Sep 27, 2019

YouTube Tips

We all love the mostly ad free YouTube videos, TV shows, and movies. Here are a few tips to make your viewing easier.
Use the following keys:
K = Play/Pause

J/L = Back/Forwards 10 seconds

Left/Right Arrow Key = Back/Forwards 5 seconds

Up/Down Arrow Key = Volume +/- 5%

F = Toggle Fullscreen

T = Toggle Theater Mode

I = Toggle miniplayer

M = Toggle Mute

Keys 0-9 = Skip to different parts of the video

C = Toggle Captions

If in a Playlist, Shift+p (capital p) = Previous video

Shift+n (capital n) = Next Video in playlist or next recommended video

< = Decrease Video Speed

> = Increase Video Speed

, = Rewind single frame

. = Advance single frame

You can press shift+/ (?) to see all these and more commands.

For those on mobile you can also go back/forwards 10 seconds by double tapping the left/right side of the video.

If you use Chrome, double right click the video to always have the miniplayer on screen, as long as you do not go into fullscreen.

While on YouTube, use the search for "Free TV, Free Movies, or 4K movies. You will be amazed at the number of full TV series to watch - and mostly ad free.

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