Feb 14, 2020

New FedEx Scam

 I try to keep informed about new scams and this is just one more to watch for. Users will receive a text message informing them that their purchase has been shipped via FedEx. Users are then given a link that they can click to track their shipment, but when they click on it, they are taken to a fake Amazon page that offers a reward to complete a survey.

If in doubt, type the tracking number into google search and it will tell you if the number is legit or not.

Then in order to claim the reward, users are required to pay for the shipment of their reward by entering their credit card info, which will ultimately result in ongoing monthly charges of $98.95. There are many red flags in this scam to begin with, such as being redirected to a rewards page instead of FedEx’s website. Also, the rewards page has been designed to look like Amazon’s website, but the site does not belong to Amazon. If you do receive such a notification, mark as spam and delete it. Caveat Emptor.

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