Feb 3, 2020

Nine Interesting McDonald's Facts

McDonald's originally served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chili with baked beans, and slices of pie.

McDonald’s introduced an official company mascot: Speedee, a burger-faced chef with a bow tie that looked like he was in a perpetual rush. The brothers noted that his round head would make a good base for a lollipop, and decided to hand out Speedee-shaped treats to orphanages and children’s hospitals as a charitable form of advertising. Speedee was retired in 1962.

McDonald’s hands out more toys than any other business on the planet.

In an effort to curb the frenzied pleas of children for a Happy Meal in order to score the free toy, San Francisco passed an ordinance in 2011 that prohibited the company from peddling the promotion within city limits. To get around the law, the company began charging 10 cents for the toy, skirting around the definition of free.

It is illegal to open a McDonald's or other foreign fast food chain restaurant in Bermuda.

Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald ( Donarudo Makudonarudo) in Japan.

Warren Buffett has a card that provides free food at any McDonald’s in his hometown of Omaha.

Bill Gates’ has a card which entitles him to eat free anywhere at any Golden Arches in the world.

Jeff Bezos once worked at McDonald's.

Incidentally, A KFC was opened in Bermuda before the ban and is the only one allowed.

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