May 29, 2020

Email Disclosure

You cannot rope someone into a binding legal agreement without their consent simply by e-mailing them. Those disclaimers at the end of emails only have weight (legal or otherwise) if all participants/recipients of the e-mail have explicitly agreed to abide by such disclaimers. Common examples include: Internal e-mails of a company where this is company policy; As a result of a preexisting contractual agreement;

There are plenty of other reasons why it might be illegal to reveal the contents of an e-mail (e.g. sensitive information) but the "weight" there comes from existing laws, not any sort of disclaimer.

The point of the disclaimers would be two-fold:

To remind people for whom the disclaimer actually applies that the have to abide by it.

To scare people people into not releasing the contents of the e-mail when they actually can.
In other words, they are mostly useless.

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