Feb 8, 2019

Attitude and Strokes

If you had a stroke, a positive outlook might help prevent another one, a new 2019 study suggests. Researchers found that when people felt they could protect themselves from a second stroke, they had lower blood pressure and high blood pressure is a significant risk factor for a recurrent stroke.

"You can protect yourself against stroke by reducing your risk factors. This study shows that if you think you can do it, you can," said the study's senior author, Bernadette Boden-Albala. The researchers looked at data on more than 400 people who survived a mild or moderate stroke or had a transient ischemia attack.

The group was half female. Their average age was 64. One third of the group was white, about one third were black, and another one-third were Hispanic. Boden-Albala said stress may play a role as well and those who felt they had control would likely feel less stressed. She said, "Patients with a positive attitude had lower systolic blood pressure, irrespective of gender, race, etc., and regardless of intervention status. People with a sense of control seemed destined to have a better outcome."

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