Feb 1, 2019

What's in a Name - Maverick, Macadamia Nuts, Mason Jars

Although most of us are familiar these names, not so many know they were all named after real people.
During the 19th Century, Samuel Agustus Maverick did not want to brand his cattle. He coined the term "maverick" for anyone who is unbranded and roams free. Historians thought this was a ploy so he could own any unbranded calf in the area.
Although named after John Macadam, macadamia nuts were discovered in Australia in 1828 by an English explorer, Allan Cunningham. It was given the name and scientific attributes by Ferdinand Mueller, a fellow scholar and personal friend of Macadam.

The popular jars were patented by John Landis Mason in 1858. These jars changed the way we store and preserve food and many other items. We also use them for preserving summer harvest and drink tea or other beverages from them.

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