Aug 2, 2019

Happy National Happiness Happens Day

It is celebrated annually Aug 8 on the founding date of the Society of Happy People, which you can join for free. The society encourages members to recognize their happy moments and think about happiness in their daily life. They have two mottos which include “Happiness Happens” and “Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade.” Their purpose is to stimulate people’s right to express their happiness.
The holiday is based on the premise that happiness is unlimited and contagious and that sharing one's happiness and can bring a lot of joy in other people's lives. Happiness is encouraged all day. Recognize every moment of glee, joy, delight, and pleasure.  A flicker of a giggle should be given its due and should it blossom into full blown happiness.

Incidentally, August 9 is Book Lovers Day, an unofficial holiday that encourages people to pick up a book (or two) and spend the day reading, especially all 54 of my books.

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