Aug 16, 2019

NFL TV is Confusing

NFL makes it difficult to watch football games. In its effort to maximize profits, it has split who can broadcast what games and when. Of course, most sports leagues still sell their biggest rights packages to live TV networks, because that is still where the largest live audiences are.

There are five channels you need to access to if you want to watch the NFL. You need broadcast channels like ESPN and NFL Network either on cable or various streaming services. For local channels, you need CBS, NBC, and FOX. These channels can be accessed through a streaming service depending on your location, or using an antenna.

  • Most local NFL games will be broadcast over the air on network channels like CBS, FOX, and NBC.
  • Sunday football games air on CBS and FOX during the afternoon and on NBC for Sunday Night Football.
  • Monday Night Football airs exclusively on ESPN.
  • Thursday Night Football airs on different channels, depending on the week. The NFL Network will host 5 exclusive games that will only be found on it. The other 11 games will be simulcast on NFL Network, FOX, and Amazon Prime.
Bonus - It is long overdue, but the first time the NFL will be available in 4K on any service, including satellite and cable is from FuboTV, the only live streaming service that offers live sports in 4K. This LINK has the dates and various sports that will be broadcast in 4K on FUBO. Why not try a seven day free subscription to see the difference of 4K for live sports.

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